Karen Foote

“You and your community are such a huge part of why I feel so comfortable in my own skin today. Meeting likeminded people has been such a blessing to me. Having this new found courage and faith in myself gives me more purpose if my life than I ever had. Thank you for showing me that I don’t always have to ask others for answers or validation....that the answers and magic are within me...with the help of God and our Angels of course.”

- Jeannine, New Milford NJ

“I have to tell you how much I appreciate having found you on my healing journey. I have learned so much and have been able to open up to healing myself and finding my path to becoming my true self. I have so much more work to do but before I took the Reiki classes with you I was so lost and had so much fear that I wouldn't be able to find the strength in myself to become the healer and the full manifestion of myself I know that I am meant to be. You have just been such a kind and supportive spirit along the way. I have had so much fear and anxiety and found it hard to be my authentic self. Just being around your energy and listening to your experiences and your wisdom, and through the connection to everyone else in your classes to hear their experiences too has been just such an amazing experience I am so grateful for!”

- Kelly Sites

Karen’s Offerings:


Healing Sessions

Set up an energy healing session with me through my business REBALANCE Reiki and Massage LLC in Westwood NJ

Spiritual Seekers 101 Six Week Online Course

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The Rebalance Method: Reiki Infused Massage Techniques

If you are a Massage Therapist who is drawn to Reiki, then you gotta check this class out!


Your Spiritual Journey

While on your spiritual journey, it’s nice to have support and guidance along the way. Whether receiving Energy Healing sessions with Karen or taking her classes, you will feel comforted and supported by her down to earth and caring approach.