About Karen Foote


Reiki Master Teacher Karen Foote is a down to earth healing practitioner. The youngest of 5 kids, Karen is easy going and practical. She had a happy childhood, loving parents and a rather normal, uneventful and stable upbringing during the 1980s and 90s. At age 16 Karen was drawn to massage therapy and found herself looking for books on it at her local Barnes and Noble. In these searches, she came across the vast metaphysical section of the bookstore and it pulled her in! She was fascinated with Mediums such as John Edward and Sylvia Brown as well as astrology, dream interpretation, handwriting analysis, numerology and ghost haunting stories.

Not knowing what she was “good at”, Karen went off to college to pursue a Sociology degree. Meanwhile, she’d give out massages to pretty much anyone and had long lines of people waiting for their turn at the various college parties she attended. After graduating college in 2000 Karen finally began her studies as a Massage Therapist. This world opened up so much to her. She was eventually led to CranioSacral work which REALLY opened up her subtle energy sensitivities along with helping her encounter influential people- one of whom trained Karen in Theta Healing and Reiki several years later.

By 2014 Karen was teaching Reiki healing classes to her clients and later opened up her healing studio in Westwood NJ in July of 2015. By this point in her life she felt more settled with her family (she got married in 2002 and had children in 2004 and 2007). Her love for teaching became more evident and she was led to offer her teachings online to an even larger audience. Nothing brings Karen more joy (besides her kids and husband, of course) than to see the clarity people get after their sessions and classes with her. To bring awareness and to teach skills to those that are open to receive them is something she never grows tired of!