The Rebalance Method: Reiki Infused Massage

Continuing Education Workshop for Massage Therapists

The Rebalance Method: Reiki Infused Massage is a trademarked method of bodywork that blends the aspects of a relaxing massage with the quiet and intuitive aspects of Reiki healing. Reiki healing is woven into the massage throughout the session. Karen's unique massage approach is gathered from 18 years of professional experience and a blend of a variety of modalities including CranioSacral and Reflexology as well as lots of experiential work with the chakras.

A Reiki Infused Massage brings clients to a deeper state of relaxation than they normally achieve with massage alone. Save your hands and expand your role as a healer! 

This class is for you if you:

~ Find yourself drawn to Reiki and energy work. 

~ Identify as an empath.

~ Are sensitive to energy

~ Yearn to connect on a deeper level with your clients

~ Are a Massage Therapist in need of some CEUs

Massage therapy can be a very fulfilling career when you find the right niche. If you are drawn to the metaphysical, tapping into the energy body, connecting with and taking extra time with your clients in a real, one on one meaningful way then this course is for you. 

This is an intensive 2 day workshop (14CEUs) where students get the opportunity to learn about and get attuned to Reiki, a chance to practice and share and then apply the Reiki techniques and see how to weave it into a thorough and deeply relaxing massage. 

Not only can you earn 14 Continuing Education Units, but you can also broaden your reach as a healer. An advantage to learning Reiki when you are already a Massage Therapist is that you are legally permitted and insured to be in contact with clients and you have the opportunity to practice the Reiki as often as you have someone willing on your table! You can even offer Reiki alone, without massage, and save on laundry and physical strain!

DAY 1: Reiki 1 with attunement + chakra study, table time
DAY 2:  Weaving Reiki into massage along with relaxation techniques.


NCBTMB Provider #1711

Next Class will be Nov 23 & 24. 2019 in Westfield, NJ at

the Therapeutic Massage & Training Center

Payment plans available (email for more info)

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Founder of the Rebalance Method: Reiki Infused Massage, Karen Foote, is passionate about the work that she does. Graduating from massage school in December of 2000, Karen didn't know how her massage career would unfold. She was happy just to give massage and provide relief for her clients.

After her mother was diagnosed with an auto immune disease in December of 2002, Karen felt compelled to help her, but helpless in how to go about that, as massage was contraindicated in the hospital setting. CranioSacral therapy (CST) presented itself to her at this time and it forever impacted her and changed her whole trajectory as a healer. Karen took CST in March of 2003 and soon began experimenting with it on willing massage clients. Integrating CST into her massage sessions opened up Karen's sensitivity to energy and permitted her to really follow and trust in her intuitive guidance.

A few years into her massage practice, Karen found that she was yearning for something more than "just massage", but couldn't quite put her finger on it. In 2010 Karen decided she'd like to try out Reiki healing. She'd known about it, been told by some clients that they believed she was giving it... so figured, now was the time to give it a try. 

Reiki came so naturally and comfortably to Karen and she found herself regularly mixing it into her open and willing massage clients' sessions. Her clients reported deep levels of relaxation that they normally couldn't achieve through massage alone. Karen also found her own sensitivity to energy expanding along with her intuition. By 2014 Karen was called to become a Reiki Master Teacher and has since attuned several dozens of people in Reiki. 

In 2017 Karen decided that she'd like to pay it forward and teach other massage therapists the valuable addition of integrating Reiki into their sessions. She created "The Rebalance Method: Reiki Infused Massage" as a course for fellow Massage Therapists to take. She is passionate about the benefits of infusing Reiki into her massages. Karen is happy to share her unique blend of techniques that take an ordinary massage and turn it into something extraordinary. 

What Students Have Said….

“Karen has brought me full circle for the Reiki experience. Receiving a session with her is life changing so when she teaches a class you receive so much of her personal information on how she feels during a session, information that she channels. It’s really a wonderful experience! ”


“One of Karen’s gifts is her energy which is in everything she does. From her workspace to her classes and individual sessions. And it shows in how she is sharing Reiki with the community. I have benefitted as a client and a student, more than I ever expected to and now find myself craving more Reiki and education ”


“Karen is a natural teacher and healer. Her reiki class was welcoming and made me feel comfortable and free to share my experiences. She provided me with the history behind Reiki, but then infused hands on into the day which was invaluable and helped to reinforce what I was feeling during hands on treatment. ”


“Karen is a true intuitive with obvious abilities. She is a great teacher and her passion and love for reiki is evident”


“Karen is great. I’ve taken a few classes with her, and she’s always made me feel very comfortable. She has a beautiful light. I’m grateful we crossed paths. ”