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Coming into your Spirituality can feel overwhelming.

We often don't know where to begin. 

All of it is so interesting! I can help you to sort out what's what in this new world of "woo". Whether you've had your toe in the water for years or if the switch just got flipped, now feels like the time to really delve into all this stuff. 

I will help you along this journey, and you'll have a ton of support from your community that we are building together. Other like-minded folks who WON'T roll their eyes when you talk about the different signs you've been seeing or the "coincidences" that you've been encountering!

Connect with others who are also on a Spiritual Path.

Once we feel awakened to our Spirituality, it can feel a little overwhelming with all there is to know! We can also feel lonely since everyone in our circle may not be on the same page. 

This class will cover Spiritual basics in a way that is simple and straightforward, AND you will be surrounded with like-minded folks who support your beliefs and honor your journey.

Classes will meet weekly via Zoom.

If you can't attend live, it's no problem because you will be emailed a link to view it in addition to it being posted to our private Facebook group.

Introducing Karen Foote’s



6 Week Class on the Basics of Spirituality

Each week will be covering the following topics:

~ Being an Empath and what that means

~ How to Protect Your Energy

~ Crystal Basics

~ The 7 Major Chakras

~ Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet and embracing the "woo"!

~ Intuitive Development

Next class Begins Septemeber 11, 2019