Karen is an excellent teacher and facilitator. In particular she is able to work with a group whose members have widely varying levels of knowledge and experience with the subject and ensure each feels included and gets value. I was early in my spiritual exploration when I attended classes with Karen and despite being somewhat of a novice I felt warmly welcomed. Working with Karen engendered a deep sense of calm and was a great help in bringing focus to my spiritual quest.
— John, Westwood NJ

Karen is such an amazing teacher. Her spirit just radiates joy. I am so impressed by her insight and the honesty she brings to her teaching just makes us all feel so welcomed and validated in our own journeys. I really couldn’t have asked for a better spirit to be my teacher!
— Kelly

Besides being extremely knowledgeable in her field Karen is VERY friendly, easy to talk to, approachable and never judges anyone. Karen shows great passion for her field. She is funny, caring and extremely considerate. As a student, I felt nervous at first but, that quickly changed. Karen has an ease about herself making you feel VERY comfortable.
— Randi, Park Ridge NJ

I have taken a few of Karen’s workshop classes and I have learned so much! Karen is a laid back facilitator but the passion she has about her work shows. She really creates a sense of community in the workshops, which is just an added bonus when coming out of the “spiritual closet”. The classes are guided with her intuition, but none the less are filled with her expertise of experience and education on the topic. After finding Karen I am so in “it” and could not have asked for a better teacher.
— Emilijia, Garfield NJ

Karen creates a warm and inviting learning environment. There is no other teacher that provides so much information on such a wide variety of topics. She is magical and down-to earth and makes every topic fun to learn.
— Michele Croci, Emerson NJ

Karen is so down to earth! She makes everything so easy to understand. Embarking on a spiritual journey is personal and scary. Karen takes the fear out of it from so many different aspects, like fear of feeling weird or awkward about learning something that isn’t necessarily in the norm. She really is amazing! She made me feel included and accepted for being who I am. Karen helped me to get in touch with that vital part of me which helped me to live a more full and purposeful life and she continues to be one of my tree of life’s strongest “spiritual roots”. She truly is a light worker and an influencer. I am living an inspired life using my gifts to help light up others and I owe a lot of that to her.
— – Renee Jensen, Harrington Park NJ
I never shared with anyone that I am an empath and have experience with the spirt world, which completely and totally took a toll on me for years. After finally coming to the conclusion that I need to share my abilities with others and see what else is out there, I came across Karen Foote’s website. Something drew me to her and for good reason. I have taken multiple classes with Karen and she and her teachings have been truly life changing for me. Her abundance of knowledge and altruistic ways are what separates her from other teachers. I will forever be grateful for all Karen has taught me and bringing new light and awareness into my life.
— Jeannine, New Milford NJ

“Karen is a wonderful teacher. With Karen, the approach to learning was exactly as it should be ... natural. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how responsive I was. I constantly draw on my experience with Karen, both during class and outside of it. She’s been an incredibly calming and inspirational force in my life. If you are thinking of taking her online class, do it. I know you will not regret it.
— Dineen, Manahawkin NJ

Karen has a comforting focused presence which provides for confidence in learning. Getting right to the point, avoiding tangents and keeping the education moving. An all-around A+ teacher! I was impressed by Karen’s inclusivity and simple explanations and the ease with which she fielded queries.
— Ray, North Brunswick NJ
Karen is a wonderfully warm & knowledgeable teacher. She is easy to talk to, and the entire experience of her class was wonderful!
— Steve, Westwood NJ

Karen is absolutely amazing! found her so down to earth and easy to talk to and learn from. Her workshops and classes are never intimidating or overwhelming. She takes time with the content and approaches it all in a way that feels so natural and easily digestible. I have learned so much and have felt such shifts in my life. She has helped bring me a sense of calm in a turbulent time in my life and I cannot thank her enough.
— Leigh, Nyack NY

When taking a class taught by Karen you feel like no matter what kind of question you ask is never too “out there”. She has a deep love for everything that she teaches. I always look forward to the next announcement of class that Karen is teaching and encourage all my friends to join me in taking them!
— Nancy, Montvale NJ